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EF86 – A 70th Anniversary


Happy birthday dear EF86! It was a beautiful and sunny morning in the early summer of 1954 when this beauty saw the light of day in a robe of glass and expanded metal. This would be one way to start this story but here’s come the twist of the plot, […]

Galaktopus Review in “Gitarre & Bass”


Here’s an extract from the review in “Gitarre & Bass” magazine issued January 2024. The full article is available here. You can purchase the printed or digital magazine here. “Let’s start with the clean channel. And even after the first few sounds, it’s clear: it delivers! Outstanding, very clear sounds […]


Beausonic offers outstanding transient response and touch sensitivity while the overall gain structure adds a very sweet and harmonic, yet transparent overdrive. Our EF86 pentode circuit articulates every detail of your play extraordinary well. Delivering 35 Watts with Auto-Bias and fantastic volume scalability, Beausonic is perfect for various styles of music from jazz, blues and funk up to pop, indie and rock music.



Our 50 Watts guitar amp Galaktopus is the workhorse for those who are looking for a very versatile amp with one of the best sounding clean and drive channels available on the market. Galaktopus is a great choice for various styles of music from pop, funk and classic rock up to indie, alternative music, stoner rock and metal (psst, this thing is also riff-machine...!).



Our pine and birch guitar cabinets are well designed to be the best companion to our amplifiers. We have guitar cabinets in various sizes and options, from 1x15" to 2x12" with open or closed backs, engineered and made in Germany, built with selected materials of highest quality.


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The tube guitar amplifiers heads BEAUSONIC and GALAKTOPUS as well as various GUITAR CABINETS are displayed at our local music store Musik Brödel in Bottrop. Just check it out for yourself and have as much fun with our amps as we have!

We also have our own showroom where you can test our amplifiers and cabinets. You can even bring your band with you! We have a couple of instruments and amps readily available. Please CONTACT us directly and we can make a personal appointment!