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Galaktopus Guitar Amplifier

Model GB50-111 / GB100-111 Guitar Amplifier Head

12AX7 - 12AU7 - 12AT7 - EL34 - GZ34*

Drumroll please… here comes Galaktopus! Our 2-channel guitar amp Galaktopus is the workhorse for those looking for a very versatile amp with the "wall of sound" and punch. With both 50W and 100W versions available, Galaktopus is your best choice for various styles of music from pop, funk and classic rock up to indie, alternative music, stoner rock and metal.

Depending on the type and size of the speaker cabinet that is connected, Galaktopus can deliver massive yet well-defined low end. Each channel contains a well-designed 3-band EQ section. The signal chain is globally completed by a bite control and reactivity circuit that allows the choice of three different bandwidth/compression settings. Like all our amplifiers, Galaktopus Guitar Amplifier has outstanding transient response.

The Clean channel is also a decent universal pedal platform, but both channels take upfront pedals very well. The all-tube buffered effects loop welcomes any kind of vintage or contemporary pedal seamlessly into the signal chain. The effects loop is made to carry your guitar signal through long distances, perfect for bigger venues. If desired, a foot-switchable 6db Boost provides gain and volume for your solo parts with added power amp overdrive.

Vintage sag or sweet tightness? The 50 Watts model has it both. Using the rectifier switch you will get that vintage voltage sag only a tube rectifier can produce, while the diode mode uses special silicon diodes for tight low and mid frequency response and sweet top end.

Our guitar amplifiers are engineered and made in Germany, built with selected components of highest quality. We are using a turret hybrid design for the main board that combines traditional, puristic and maintenance friendly construction for the main audio flow with modern integration of auxiliary circuitry like channel switching.

The tube guitar amplifiers heads BEAUSONIC and GALAKTOPUS as well as various GUITAR CABINETS are displayed at our local music store Musik Brödel in Bottrop. Just check it out for yourself and have as much fun with our amps as we have!

There's also some SOUND SAMPLES below

*  Tube Rectifier and Rectifier Switch only available on 50W models

  • 50 Watts from two EL34 or 100 Watts from four EL34 (Class AB)
  • A versatile “Wall of Sound”
  • Carefully designed discrete equalizers for Bass, Midrange, Treble and Bite controls
  • Reactivity Switch adjusts touch sensitivity, compression and bandwidth
  • Foot-switchable active Volume / Gain Boost up to 6dB
  • Tube based serial/parallel effects loop with extra low output impedance and high transparency
  • Rectifier Switch: GZ34 Tube Rectifier or special design Silicon-Diode Rectifier selectable (50 Watts model only)
  • 115/230V voltage selector
  • Low Noise Design

Turret Hybrid Design

built to NASA-STD-8739.3 Specifications


Highest Quality

Selected Highest Quality Components, Custom Power and Output Transformers



Anodized Chassis and Faceplate


Made in Germany

Engineered and Made in Germany

  • “It sounds fantastic! I love this amp!”
    Gregory, Ohio (Customer)

    Kris Barocsi, Germany (Artist and Content Creator)

  • “Best Amp I tried at Guitar Summit”
    Jonathan Guillemette, The Tone Lounge, Canada / Belgium (Artist and Content Creator)

  • “Excellent design, high build quality and extraordinary sonic flexibility from two two channels.”
    Gitarre & Bass, Germany (Press)

  • “The Clean channel delivers tonal culture at its best, while the Drive channel offers extensive sound shaping possibilities thanks to its very effective tone control and the outstanding Reactivity circuit.”
    Gitarre & Bass, Germany (Press)

Available Versions


Gitarre & Bass issue January 2024 - read a detailed extract in our news section or read the full german article on the G&B webpage.


"With the 50-watt version of the Galaktopus all-tube head, Three Bananas Amplification presents a successful design, high build quality and exceptional tonal flexibility from two channels. Their goal of developing an independent sounding amp with a "wall of sound" appearance has been accomplished.

The Clean channel reveals tonal culture at its best, while the Drive channel offers extensive sound shaping possibilities, from bluesy sweet to powerful classic rock overdrive, thanks to its very effective tone control and the excellent Reactivity circuit. Both channels love to be driven with pedals.

Three Bananas' very own sound DNA can also be discovered - clearly articulated, with a percussive attack. The player is nevertheless challenged, as the amp is not very forgiving. The reward is a great sound and excellent dynamics."


Kris Barocsi everyone... here's the phenomenal review of the Galaktopus 50W Model.

Kris on Instagram and on Youtube

Here's another great video from Jonathan from "The Tone Lounge".

"During Guitar Summit 2023, I met Raphael from 3 Bananas amplification, and I got to try the Galaktopus. I fell in love with the amp, and made sure to get in touch with him once I got back home from the event. It took a few weeks but eventually the amp made it's way to me here in Belgium. I've been testing it out for a few weeks and decided that it was finally time to put this bad-boy to the test."

The Tone Lounge on Youtube

Kris discovered our guitar amplifiers during Guitar Summit 2022. He's playing a Panucci Custom Guitars ’59 Inspired „Goldtop“ with P90 pickups through the Galaktopus 50W Head with our 2x12" Closed Back Cabinet with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Veteran 30 and Invader 50 Mix.

Kris on Instagram and on Youtube

Another sample from the same video...




  • Output: 50 Watts / 100 Watts, Class AB Operation
  • Channels: Two Channels, Clean & Drive (foot-switchable)
  • Tube Driven Parallel / Serial Effects Loop
  • Tube Driven Active Boost 0 - 6 dB (foot-switchable)


  • Preamp Tubes: 2x 12AX7, 1x 12AU7
  • Poweramp Tubes: 1x 12AT7, 2x EL34 (50 Watts model) / 4x EL34 (100 Watts model)
  • Rectifier Tube: 1x GZ34 (50 Watts model only)


  • Equalizer (Clean): Bass / Middle (3-pos) / Treble / Bright (3-pos)
  • Equalizer (Drive): Bass / Middle / Treble
  • Equalizer (Global): Bite
  • Effects Loop: Send Level / Return Balance
  • Boost: Level
  • Special: Reactivity Switch (3-pos)
  • Rectifier: Rectifier Switch (2-pos) (50 Watts model only)

Impedances & Levels

  • Input Impedance: 1 MOhms
  • Loop Output Impedance: 400 Ohms
  • Loop Send Level: -13 dBV typically (Send Level Range 0 - 1 Vrms / -∞ - 0 dBV)
  • Speaker Output Impedances: 4, 8, 16 Ohms


  • Input: 6,3mm Mono
  • Effects Send: 6,3mm Mono
  • Effects Return: 6,3mm Mono
  • Speaker: 5x 6,3mm Mono
  • Footswitch: 6,3mm Stereo


  • Output: 50 Watts / 100 Watts
  • Mains: 115/230 Volts per voltage selector switch

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 625x235x280mm (width x depth x height)
  • Weight: 16,1 kg (50 Watts model), 16,6kg (100 Watts model)

Available Colors

Please find a choice of available colors below. For all colors and descriptions, please have a look at our color page.