Beausonic Deluxe Guitar Amplifier
35W Head Version (CB30-111)



Delivery time: 6-8 Weeks

Select from a standard set of JJ Tubes or upgrade to TAD Premium tubes. The EF86 can be NOS type if desired.
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We designed our Beausonic 35 Watts Guitar Amplifier to provide guitar sounds outside of any known category. In first place, we wanted to enable pentode overdrive even at lower levels. However, we achieved way more than this. Beausonic offers outstanding transient response and touch sensitivity while the overall gain structure adds a very sweet and harmonic, yet transparent overdrive. The EF86 pentode articulates every detail of your play extraordinary well. Beausonic is perfect for various styles of music from jazz, blues and funk up to pop, indie and rock music.

We have included two independent Settings for Gain, Master and Bite Control that can be recalled via footswitch. Along with your picking and playing style, this feature sets your personal choice of any possible clean, crunch and overdrive combination for rhythm or lead guitar.

Beausonic also takes upfront boost pedals very well and welcomes any kind of vintage or contemporary pedal seamlessly into the signal chain through the all-tube buffered effects loop. The effects loop is made to carry your guitar signal through long distances, perfect for bigger venues. If desired, a foot-switchable 6db Boost provides gain and volume for your solo parts with added power amp overdrive.

Our guitar amplifiers are engineered and made in Germany, built with selected components of highest quality. We are using a turret hybrid design for the main board that combines traditional, puristic and maintenance friendly construction for the main audio flow with modern integration of auxiliary circuitry like channel switching.

  • 35 Watts from two EL34 – Auto-Bias
  • Unique tone and dynamics. Our original 12AX7 / EF86 circuit design brings outstanding touch sensitivity and overdrive textures.
  • Independent, foot-switchable Gain, Master and Bite Settings
  • Carefully designed discrete equalizers for Bass, Midrange, Treble and Bite controls
  • Sensitivity Switch offers two touch sensitivity and compression settings
  • Foot-switchable active Volume / Gain Boost up to 6dB
  • Tube based serial/parallel effects loop with extra low output impedance and high transparency
  • GZ34 Tube rectification
  • 115/230V voltage selector
  • Low Noise Design